Francis disrobes to cover the nakedness of the Pope

Leonardo Boff

Historians know that Innocence III, (1198-1216), the Pope of the time of Saint Francis, took the papacy to an apogee and splendor such as never had been before nor would ever be again. A skillful politician, he turned all the kings, emperors and feudal lords, with few exceptions, into his vassals. Under his regency there were two supreme powers: the Empire and the Priesthood. Being the successor of Peter, the fisherman, meant little to him. He declared himself «representative of Christ», but not of the poor Christ, who walked the dusty paths of Palestine, a peregrine prophet, announcer of a radical utopia, the utopia of the kingdom of unconditional love towards his fellow human beings and God, a kingdom of universal justice, of boundless fraternity and of compassion without limit. His Christ was the Pantocrator, Lord of the Universe, head of the Church and of the Cosmos.

This vision favored…

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