Corrupt: the one whose heart is broken

Leonardo Boff


The widespread indignation over corruption in Brazil and around the world is giving way to resignation and indifference, because impunity is so nearly universal that most people lack confidence that it can be resolved.

Theology has something to say about this. Theology maintains that the present human condition is degenerate and decadent (infralapsárica, as is said in theological dialect), due to a corrupt act. According to the Biblical narrative, the serpent corrupted the woman, the woman corrupted the man, and together they left us a legacy of corruption on top of corruption, to the point that even God “repented …that He had made human beings on the Earth,” as the text of Genesis, 6,6, reminds us. We are the sons and daughters of an original corrupt act.

Christianity holds that all evil derives from that original corruption, called, original sin. But this expression has become alien to…

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