GAMBIA: Six months of prison for the lady who predicts the imminent fall of Yaya Jammeh

Gambian lady who prophesies (predicts) the imminent fall of dictator Yaya Jammeh’s Government has been convicted and sentenced to six months in prison. Marie Sambou has written to the office of the President sometimes ago—advising President Jammeh to give out charity in a bid to circumvent the “dreamt about an evil spirit” that she had which could lead to Jammeh’s fall if it’s not tackled now.

But the police prosecutor assigned to Madam Sambou’s case according to the pro-Government Daily Observer has revealed that the IGP received a letter from the Office of the President that they should investigate into the matter. He further noted that at the end of the investigation, they found that it was false and therefore, charged her for giving false information to a public officer.

According to Cadet Singhateh “the accused wrote to the Office of the President, claiming that she dreamt about an evil spirit and that the president should give out charity.”

A renowned Senegalese fortune-teller has also predicted that dictator Jammeh has one hundred more days to stay in office. The fortune-teller’s prediction has always been found out to be factual. She predicted in the past that Macky Sall will emerge as President in Senegal’s recent Presidential elections. Macky is today the President of Senegal. Her past predictions about Senegal’s domestic wrestling contest matches also passes the test of time.

In the case of Maie Sambou, she was charged with giving false information to the Office of the President.  She was found guilty on Tuesday, and convicted and sentenced by the Banjul Magistrates court presided over by Principal Magistrate Taiwo Ade Alagbe, the Observer reported.

Pleading for clemency, Madam Sambou told the court that she is sick and has little children to take care of as a mother. She also revealed that she is four months pregnant. She said that she made a great mistake and appealed to the court to temper justice with mercy. She was then sentenced to pay a fine of D500 in default to serve six months in prison.


A Gambian Lady Who Prophesises (Predicts) About The Fall Of Jammeh’s Regime Sentenced To Six Months In Prison




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