EGYPT: An open letter President-elect Morsi from jailed activists

The No Military Trials activist group in Egypt continues to push for an end to detentions.

CAIRO: As a reminder of his promises to the revolution, detained Egyptian activists currently being held in military prisons sent President-elect Mohamed Morsi an open letter urging him to end the injustice that was inflicted upon them and free the civilians that were detained and tried in military courts, often without representations and no chance of appeal.

Activists put the number of those who have seen the inside of a military court to be around 12,000. translated the letter to English:

Egyptians are celebrating the defeat of the candidate of the military junta and the alliance of Mubarak’s men, celebrating the first freely elected civilian president, despite the great differences with Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s doctrine, policies, and his group’s positions towards the revolution throughout the past year and a half, that led to a division within the revolution and made it prey to the hands of Mubarak’s military council.

At a time when Egypt’s president prepares for oath on Saturday, we stand here to remind him:

He must not turn ignore the thousands of young innocent people behind bars, by military tribunals which have no legal representation, and their freedom stolen from them falsely and with the use of fabrication.

He should not proceed with any of his tasks as hundreds of detainees in the case of Maspero, the Cabinet, and Mohamed Mahmoud and Abbasiya, still in prison with no crime but to defend the freedom of this nation.

You should not enter the presidential palace with a clear conscience, unless these young people have returned to their homes, and to their grief stricken mothers.

Therefore, we call on Dr. Morsi to fulfill his obligations:

1. Amnesty for all those prosecuted by the military in all of the events that followed the revolution.

2. The immediate release of all detainees and defendants for criminal and political issues from the sit-ins and demonstrations that followed the revolution. Do not forget, of course, April 8, officers and detainees of the Abbasiyya clashes, who were on hunger strike for more than twenty days.


BM: An open letter Egypt’s President-elect Morsi from jailed activists




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