“18 Days in EGYPT”: The Revolution through the eyes of heroes

A new documentary project intends to tell the story of the Egyptian Revolution through the eyes of those who were part of this historic event from January 25th to February 11th.

It was through tweets, texts, photos, emails, and videos that the world stayed informed of the uprising, and initiate hopes to portray the “pulse” of the movement, minute by minute.

The project will be led by documentary filmmakers Jigar Mehta and Alaa Dajani, who call their filmmaking technique of compiling the material from those who were there “crowd sourcing.”

Social media has been instrumental in broadcasting news of the Arab Spring protests to the world. Cell phones with video cameras allowed for thousands of hours of footage, which the filmmakers hope to collect into an interactive film.

The project’s website invites submissions from those who were in the crowd and captured a moment with social media.  We encourage Egyptian CyberDissidents to partake in this promising venture.

CyberDissidents: 18 Days in Egypt




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