NIGERIA: Fr Chijioke Amoke abducted

Abductors of Parish Priest of Onitsha-Enugu Ezike in Igboeze-North, Rev Fr Chijioke Amoke, have threatened to kill him if a ransom of N10 million is not paid by Nsukka Catholic Dioceses.

Rev Fr Simon Ugwueze, Coordinator of Justice and Peace Commission in the diocese, told newsmen in Nsukka on Monday that the kidnappers called him with the mobile phone of Amoke demanding N10 million or they will kill him.

“I told them that the church has no money as well as do not approve payment of ransom.

‘I also made them to understand that Catholic Bishops Conference is against paying even N10 for ransom.

“I urge them to release him because he is a priest working in God’s vineyard in order to help people achieve salvation.

“When they discovered that I was not interested in the ransom negotiation they banged the phone.

“I know God will touch their hearts to release him,” he said’

Mr Felix Odo, Nsukka Diocesan Secretary, said the diocese had resorted to individual and group prayers to ensure that the abducted persist was released.

“The church is optimistic that with prayers, God will secure his release.

“I wonder where the kippers expect the church to get N10 million ransom,” he said

Amoke was kidnapped at the gate while he was trying to drive into the Parish-House last Wednesday by armed gunmen who came with a black jeep.

On visiting the family house of the abducted priest, a close relation, who pleaded anonymity, confirmed the kidnap.

“Our Reverend Father has been kidnapped.

“I wonder how a priest of God will be target of kidnap.

“We have been praying for God to touch the kidnappers heart, so that they will release him,” she said.

When contacted, the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Mr Danazumi Doma, confirmed the kidnap of the catholic priest.

“Police is working round the clock to ensure that the priest is rescued,” he said.


Nsukka Catholic Dioceses says no to N10m ransom on abducted priest



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