CAMBOGIA Video: Boeung Kak Lake Activist Savagely Beaten by Mob of Police Officers during Forced Eviction

September 17, 2011 – Yesterday witnessed the most violent forced eviction of Boeung Kak lake residents to date. Early in the afternoon, a hundred “anti-riot” intervention police officers and Daun Penh district security guards positioned themselves nearby homes of lake residents. Two excavators, protected by the armed group, proceeded in destroying homes of families arbitrarily disqualified from the 12.44 hectares of land given to the remaining lake families.

Later in the afternoon, as the excavators were on the move to destroy more houses, lake activist Suong Sophorn was savagely assaulted by a mob of intervention police officers who left him for dead after kicking and beating him with bricks and batons.

(Update Sept. 21: additional footage from previously unseen angle of the savage attack against Sophorn available in second clip. The video shows one policeman repeatedly beating the victim’s head with the barrel of his tear gas gun.)




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