SYRIA: Senior Official in Hama defected from Regime

Last week, cyber activists in Syria circulated a video aired by Mohamed Adnan al Bakour, the first attorney in Hama to announce his resignation. In the video, al Bakour claims that he is leaving for the following reasons:


1. Killings of more than 72 prisoners, including political activists and protesters, and burying them in mass graves in Hama on July 31st.

2. Knowing that security forces have killed over 420 people who were then buried in a local public park. Later, security asked al Bakour to say that those people were killed by armed thugs.

3. Arrests of more than 10,000 peaceful protesters.

4. Torture and killing of over 420 victims in the investigation center. Al Bakour was forced to allow 17 of those bodies to be transported for burial.

5. Orders from Syrian army heads to destroy homes while residents were still inside. Senior Official in Hama Defects from Regime




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